Nautilus Classes

my journey i share, teach...
my journey i share, teach…


NAUTILUS: The Workshop

1980 N. Atlantic Ave. Suite 507
(in the Cape Royal Building)
$30 per person all supplies included
*bring you own beverage and lunch

Bali Studios invites you to join Artist-Teacher-Coach, SHERI STEWART for a day of learning “in the stillness of accepting your life, Faith will bloom.” Using her book NAUTILUS: A Message of Faith as the guide, Sheri will baby step you through your life using her workbook NAUTILUS: Your Personal Journey. The morning will rush by as you open up your memory string embedded upon your soul with personal words only you can release and give flight to, allowing healing, forgiveness and growth to begin. Each journey is guided by Sheri, but your response need not be shared in class unless you choose to do so. We will break and enjoy our brown bag lunches
together followed with an afternoon of colorful release onto canvas.


This activity takes no talent. We will use easy techniques which release onto canvas
all the emotions you have written down in your journal. Then we will add your favorite scripture, quote, song and if you wish- image- to the top.

Payment is by cash or charge due at the start of class. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a sweatshirt because it is sometimes very chilly in the Cape Royal Building. I will provide workbooks, aprons, canvas, fabric, paint, stamps…All i ask you bring is your favorite scripture, quote or song with you.

Thank you for allowing me help you begin your journey into healing and happiness through Faith.
RSVP-sheri stewart or call me at 321-720-2215.

Nautilus coaching
Nautilus coaching



 I can and will work with you one on one

to help you heal yourself from the inside out.  We begin at your beginning in one hour sessions.

we can do this via phone or meet personally in my studio.  The cost is $30 per hour.  I will teach you,

amongst other things…

Faith binds us
to the commitment of
in acceptance of our Faith
their is forgiveness
of our sins
in the acceptance and
forgiveness of our sins
is the center-
our Faith

Whichever NAUTILUS class you choose -group or personal-

 you finally will say to yourself

“i made all my own choices…”
and this
opening up
of the soul,
this release of
unbearable pain,
the invitation
to tranquility,
to letting
the healing balm
of your faith
within you
self worth
and stillness
all lead to


is pure


it is only through
this recognition
that we then
are able to begin
the path to forgiveness
of loving ourselves
for who we really are…
we receive
fully the grace, light and love
of God.


to book any class or private coaching, or if you have any addition questions

please call me,

Thank you

Sheri Stewart- 321-720-2215

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